Youth Football and Cheerleader Programs in Wilton, CT
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Flag Football Referee Information

  • Help Set up field
    • Make sure cones are in place and the field is the correct size for the grade.
  • Host a meeting at midfield before the game with both teams and all coaches
    • ​Discuss the importance of sportsmanship and stress no contact during the game.
    • Explain that you are there manage the Flag Football game by spotting the ball, keeping score, Running the clock and issuing warnings when a player or coach breaks a rule.
    • Manage the coin flip.
  • Establish who enforces the penalties
    • Explain that Head coaches will be the ones calling/enforcing the penalties and you are there to assist with penalty warnings and walk off the penalty yardage.
    • If a coach believes a penalty should be called, then the head coaches will discuss and decide if it should be a warning or a official penalty to be walked off by the referee. 
  • Delay of Game Penaltys
    • Each Offense is required to snap the ball within 30 seconds of when the ball is placed.  Our referees will be responsible to start the 30 second timer on every posession and throw a penalty flag if the offense does not snap the ball within 30 seconds.  A delay of game penalty is -5 yards and loss of down.
  • Offensive Charging & Defensive Unnecessary Roughness Penaltys.
    • Our Flag Football Rules allow a defensive player to break down in front of the ball carrier and try to force the runner to change directions.  If the running back runs into the defensive player that would be considered a charging penalty as long as the defensive ​player is stationary and its clear the runner has initiated the contact. 
    • If the defensive player is moving while trying to draw a charging penalty and it looks like the defensive player initiated the contact, that is considered a Unnecessary Roughness penalty against the defensive player. 
    • Both penalties are -10 yards and loss of down.  This will be a penalty that our referees will be responsibly for interpreting and calling as they see it.  When deciding who initated the contact if it is unclear, the penalty will be called on the defensive player.  It has to be 100% clear that the runner initated the contact, if its not clear a Unnecessary Roughness penalty will be called on the defense.
  • Halftime Rules
    • Halftime is 5 minutes long​
    • Teams switch sides at the start of the 2nd half.
  • Clock Management
    • Each half is 20 minutes long with a running clock.
    • In the final 2 minutes of each half the referee can stop the clock for change of possessions, penalty’s, equipment issues etc.
  • Referee Pay
    • Referee's will receive $20 per game.  Flag Referee's will be expected to show up 15 minutes before each game starts to set up the field or confirm the field is set up properly.  The referee will also host a meeting with both teams and all coaches before each game starts to discuss the rules and do the coin toss.
  • Referee Ratings
    • All referees will be graded after each game by both Head Coaches.  
    • Referee's will receive detailed coaching if there are any complaints about the way the game was managed by the referee.
    • The top rated referee's will be selected for the NFL Flag Playoffs.

More to follow!