Youth Football and Cheerleader Programs in Wilton, CT
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Our Goal is to have at least 28 players in each Division, which will give us 4 teams with 7 players each.  At a minimum we need 20 players in each division which will give us 4 teams with 5 players each. 

1st/2nd Grade Division

Registered Players = 31  Gemelli, Bernard, J.Major, H.Major, Brindley, C.Kaiser, W.Kaiser, Chase, W.Kidd, Pfeiffer, Cocca, Maxfield, Hall, Capalbo, Cotton, Rokkam, DuBrock, Mills, Young, Gettler, Brindley, Nevas, Rathni, Schallop, Jackson, Patania, Jessup, Hobson, Campbell, Sims, Schoetz 
Registered Coaches = 7
Gemelli, Capalbo, Brindley, Kaiser, Brindley, Hall, Dubrock, Young

3rd/4th Grade Division
Registered Players = 20  Helgesen, Jagetic, Condon, Bernard, Stevens, Bocuzzo, B.Kidd, Sideleau, Nadybal, Butler, Fila, Hall, Wilson, Falvo, Rybi, Zareski, Patania, Katz, Anastasia, Santosky  Registered Coaches = 4 Jagetic, Condon, Katz, Hall

5th/6th Grade 

Registered Players = 20  Jackowski, O'Connor, Shaw, Satsangi, Wallace, N.Raman, N.Raman, Taylor, Fila, Stevenson, Oniell, Cotton, Rokkam, Young, Coleman, Yadav, Kaplan, Silva, McMahon, Santosky  Registered Coaches = 3  Jackowski, Santosky, Shaw, Zoruba

7th/8th Grade Division

Registered Players = 3 Bazarian, Tovar, Garritano  Registered Coaches = 0

9th/10th Grade Division

Registered Players = 3  MacDougall, Jasinski, Incao  Registered Coaches = 0

11th/12th Grade Division

Registered Players = 0  Registered Coaches = 0