Youth Football and Cheerleader Programs in Wilton, CT
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2018 Fall Co-ed Flag Football Rosters
Our Goal is to have at least 28 players in each Division, which will give us 4 teams with 7 players each.  

1st/2nd Grade Division

Registered Players = 33 Lishnoff, Sgritta, Krupa, Luce, Zeoli, Fields, Alesia, Trichilo, Rudnicki, Gubner, Major, Jackson, Dustin, Manberg, Hickey, Boland, Schiller, Kelly, Butler, Bernard, Desiderio, Christianson, Meken, Patania, Dubrock, Polito, Santosky, Rekow, Brindley, Doughman, Scanlan, Perna, Schulten
Registered Coaches = 1  Sgritta

3rd/4th Grade Division
Registered Players = 37 Ash, Helgesen, Viggiano, Eckert, Macken, Brown, Campbell, Kaiser, Albert, Major, Sideleau, Sherman, Kazan, Kazan, Adams, Gemelli, Preisano, Weigold, Lane, Gerhmann, Sims, Sims, Nevas, Gettler, Chase, Dineen, Cronin, Bendett, Hall, Anastasia, Patania, Boatwalla, Onthank, O'Sullivan, Sherrick, Brindley, Thompson, Jagetic, Drew
Registered Coaches = 1  Kaiser

5th/6th Grade 

Registered Players = 15 Gallo, Mouracade, Butler, Bernard, Davi, Mouracade, Aversano, Miller, Miller, Boatwalla, Greis, Sherrick, Jacobson, Jackowski, McDonald, Smith, Kiernan

Registered Coaches = 1  Jacobson

7th/8th Grade Division

Registered Players = 11 Shaw, Garritano, Kovach, Fischetti, Miller, Heffernan, Zappaterrini, McDonald, McDonald, Daversa, Wallace
Registered Coaches = 0

9th/10th Grade Division

Registered Players = 1  McDonald
Registered Coaches = 0

11th/12th Grade Division

Registered Players = 0
Registered Coaches = 0