Youth Football and Cheerleader Programs in Wilton, CT
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2018 Fall Co-ed Flag Football Rosters
Our Goal is to have at least 28 players in each Division, which will give us 4 teams with 7 players each. 42 players per division gives us 6 teams with 7 players. 

1st/2nd Grade Division Friday Practices 6pm to 7:30pm  Saturday Games 11:30pm or later
Registered Players = 44 Registration will close at 48 players
Bears = Head Coach Dubrock, Asst Dustin
Patriots = Head Coach Manberg, Asst McAndrews
Giants = Head Coach Sgritta, Asst Desiderio, Major
Seahawks = Head Coach Luce, Asst Perna
Cowboys = Head Coach Santosky, Asst Brindley
Rams = Head Coach Kelly, Asst Rudnicki
Unassigned Asst Coaches = Scanlan 1 more needed

3rd/4th Grade Division Friday Practices 6pm to 7:30pm
Registered Players = 38 Registration will close at 40 players
Raiders = Head Coach Gemelli, Asst Kaiser
Patriots = Head Coach Jagetic, Asst Flavo
Falcons = Head Coach Anastasia, Asst Macken
Raiders = Head Coach Palumbo, Asst Viggiano
Eagles = Heach Coach Palumbo, Asst Major, Brown
Unassigned Asst Coaches = 1 more needed

5th/6th Grade Division Friday Practices 6pm to 7:30pm
Registered Players = 28  Registration will close at 32 players

Seahawks = Head Coach Jacobson, Asst Boatwalla, Davi
Raiders = Head Coach Palumbo, Asst Jackowski, Miller
Buccaneers = Head Coach Hall, Asst Beckley
Patriots = Head Coach Valente, Asst McAndrews
Unassigned Asst Coaches = 1 more Needed

7th/8th Grade Division Wednesday Practices 6pm to 7:30pm
Registered Players = 18  Registration closed on 8/6.
All new registrations will be placed on a waitlist.

Steelers = Head Coach Heffernan, Asst Zappaterrini, Daversa
Raiders = Head Coach Palumbo, Asst Kaplan, Miller, Valente
Unassigned Asst Coaches = 1 more Needed